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can't change signature

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I tried to change my signature and it won't allow me to. I get the message 'Too many Images and Signature spans too many lines' no matter what I put in there, even if I get rid of all of it .

Help what do I do!!



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Rose, was there any resolution about this issue. I get the same error message. I don't have a signature currently. Any time I try to add anything into my signature (even just one letter) it says that I have too many images/lines.



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I had hoped that the latest upgrade we just did would have fixed the issue, but apparently it did not. We can manually assist you. Please post in the Help Desk for further assistance.

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I'm a newbie and I was just adding simple text as a signature, and I tried to add it as a quote and that didn't work either. It did allow it with a bullet in front of it but not an emoticon haha I don't know if any of that information helps or not. I'm on Win10 using Firefox 52.0.1.

I was getting the signature spans too many lines error.

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added error message
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