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Sexual Assault Types Board

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Hi jus,

As Minerva has already said, sexual assault does not have to include penetration and can still be very traumatic. You are not alone in this and it does not matter how "bad" the assault was, it is all bad and you deserve to be heard and supported. I do not know your story but I hope that you can find a forum that fits.

Please let us know if there are any other parts of your story that may warrant a new "type", either here or you can PM me.


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You are not a crybaby. It doesn't matter if what happened isn't as "bad" as what happened to others here, if it caused you pain, physical or emotional, it matters. It hurts and you have every right to your feelings and thoughts. Try not to minimize your experience, your reactions are valid and people here will support you. I am sure that you will also be able to support others. Everyone's story is different and everyone here has a voice and insights that help others and themselves. I hope that you come to see that as you keep posting here. Everyone matters and everyone's story matters.

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