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The Inner Child Thread

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I have not read the other posts here because there are 7 pages:-

my childs name is tina. I do not know why i named her tina but I named her about 8 yrs or so ago.

I have just started with this new counsellor and surprisingly her name is tina - what a surprise!! any way

i would just like to say to you - that you are doing well - even after knowing you so long i like your courage and determination.

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Can we set up a creche please? I need to escape from my inner child for a bit - I'll pay good money! :P

:laugh3: That made me smile so much this morning. Perhaps we could draw up a rota? :wink:

To all the new people and their inner children on this thread, I just want to say welcome :) This is a safe space.

:hug: Ruthie

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Dear Little Bee,

I know you've been scared by a few things recently. I know you don't like the sounds of Kate coughing at night, and that it makes you feel all sorts of things that you'd rather not. But I wanted to say that I am proud of you. I am proud of you for coming and finding me on Sunday night, and asking for a huggle. Remember, anytime you want to come and sleep in my arms you can. It's okay. :)

And I know you were there with Hilary yesterday too. You are doing SO WELL. I'm super proud of you darling. :clap:

With so much love,

:wub: Ruthie

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Me and my inner child had fun today. We played with lots of kids at work and a little boy taught us how to swear in sign language. I think maybe me and my inner child are starting to be friends :)

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Can we set up a creche please? I need to escape from my inner child for a bit - I'll pay good money :P

oh, that made me laugh......

i think if we had a creche hee hee our inner children would have lots of fun together..... that is when mine decides to stop sulking in a corner and comes out to play.....

<<<looks round for my liitle one, hands on hips insisting she should stop sulking and start behaving>>>> hmm my inner child is not being too cooperative right now and she won't talm to me today :hammer:


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My inner child is about 7 years old. She loves to build tree forts and paint funny images. I hear her speaking to me from within myself, she holds my hand when I am weak and sometimes she just seems so much more stronger than I am.

My inner child just hates to do housework! And she hates to wear shoes too! She collects stuffed animals and feels they each deserve a name.

She is sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but most of the time she's there as a reminder of the good qualities I posess in myself.

I love her more than anything in the world, she is me! :dance::hug::wub:

Love, Haullie

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I love her more than anything in the world, she is me!

~ Haullie , the way you feel about your inner child (particularily the quote above) really made me sit up and think about how i view my own inner child. (and that may be a beneficial thing for me) Thank you :hug:

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Dear Dawn,

I truly believe we all have a little Haullie or a little Dawn inside each one of us, who is deserving of such love and nurturing. When we begin to open up to her and truly love her, eek I'm getting all teary eyed now, we can then begin to understand why it's so important to begin to start the journey towards loving ourselves. I look in the mirror every day and I still see her face, so young, so bright, so full of hope and color, so many dreams to explore. She is a miracle to me. As your inner child is to you.

Love, Haullie

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I think it is my inner child that is causing me not to be able to make decisions lately...but I'm not sure.



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Me and my inner child are barely speaking.

My mind decides to do things, like go and find a job. But my inner child wont budge. Shes holding me down and the weight is too much i cant stand. Shes too tired.

I dunno what 2 do


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lil mel is very scared right now. she's been crying alot and hiding, drawing really scary pictures with dark crayons. she always likes the bright colors when she's happy. i am trying to reassure her that she's safe and no one will hurt her. she wants to go and hide, and tell u the truth, i don't blame her.

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I absolutely hate my inner child. Since this thread started I have tried to find some good things to say, but I can't. Then the other day I found a photo of myself (I thought I had got rid of them all) aged about 6. And there she is holding this monkey that he had brought back from where he worked and she has this big smile on her face. But what happened to her and monkey after the photo. Well I don't remember. All I can think aboutis that if she had told or not gone back to the house then I wouldn't be this way now.


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I have voiced a few times about my disliking my inner child I named her winnie the whiner. She lets people use her and treat her unkind, so i have to tell her to be quiet, I have to stand up for her. Every time I have allowed her to emerge, we get hurt, she is too damn vunerable and weak. Part of me hates her

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Firstly hugs for all the inner children whether you think they deserve it or not...


However, saying that, I want to say to my inner child:

Rainbow: I dispair! I'll put you in an orphanage, I swear!


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For the longest time..I really didn't think I had one...until just the last few days. I have had to work really hard at trying to find out about this inner child thing. I went and watched kids who were about my age when the abuse started. Words cannot express the emotions. I really felt like I was older and wiser..but in reality I looked and acted just like them. After talking with a good friend last night..I know understand that I was young and didn't do anything wrong. I guess it is now time to visit the inner child thing..because as bad as I am hurting..I can't imagine how much that little girl is...


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My inner child sleep theory...

You know, sometimes the reason you can't get to sleep at night from time to time is because you don't play with your inner child enough. If you would play with your inner child once in a while, she wouldn't keep you up all night causing racing thoughts to wander in and out of your restless mind. Once you get the child's energy all out of her system, she'll give you a good night's rest!

Love, Haullie

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Reading your post haullie I wonder if that is why I find the art classes I am doing so emotionally and physically hard. Especially on Thursday because many of the others in the class are educationally challenged (is that the correct way of speaking?) so it is like being in a class of very large children. They are so free in what they do, say, act and I have to say I really envey them. I am scared of them too!! My art teacher has twice set me projects that I would call 'childish'. In that she gives me great big paint brushes, lots of bright paints etc and then says paint something big and bold and bright. Instead of finding this sort of releasing I find myself even more wound up but somewhere I enjoy doing it. Maybe that is my inner child.


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My inner child would like for me just to go away and leave her alone..... she is scared, she doesn't wanna go counselling, she doesn't like the counsellor, she doesn't like the place its in... and she has butterflies in her tummy because she knows we have to leave in 45 minutes.....

and i'm in no position to comfort her because i feel exactly the same!

so my message to my inner child is:

" maybe we should both crawl in a corner, curl up tight, close our eyes and hope the world forgets our existence "

Dawn :cry:

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Dear Little Bee


This morning was hard. We cried a lot didn't we? A big big lot. In front of Hilary. We used lots of tissues! But Hilary was nice and showed us the mirror where we could look at our face to make sure it was okay before we left. I know we didn't actually look in the mirror, but Hilary was looking after us all the same.

Now we know we have some scary work to do. We have to let mummy go. But, I promise you, I will be there holding your hand all the way. And maybe we can go pick out a tree or something to plant as a memory?

I understand now. I understand that for 18 years you have wanted to grieve, but I've not let you. Well, I don't know if it's all going to happen at once, or what, but I'm going to try my hardest to not stop you this time.

Our mummy isn't coming back. And Hilary is right, it is going to hurt a lot when we say our goodbyes to her. But when we've done it, I'm going to pick you up and hold you for as long as you want it, okay? And you can cry all you need to.

Just you tell me when you're ready, okay?


Lots of love, you brave brave girl,


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my inner child is saying this.......

why did we have to come back here. i hate you for making us come back here. i was happy with ruthie and she was nice and gived us hugs. why didnt we stay with her instead of coming back here. why????

:unsure: no idea what to say

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