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The Inner Child Thread

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It's not your fault.

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You are special.

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Dear little nicki,

sometimes i feel like i stopped growing up at 13 but really i think it is you reminding me that you are still there. I am sorry i have ignored you for so long, i know that you are there sometimes just wanting to be heard, just wanting to be held and cared for,,, listend to. from now i will do my best to try and listen to what you need, i know that you want to cry, scream, let everything out, the hurt the pain, everything but i make you keep everything in, silent, nothing. i know that you are trapped, struggling so hard to break free, i am sorry,, really really sorry .... you did not do anything wrong.

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You are worthy.

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You are brave.

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You should get some rest.

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i've never seen this thread before. glad to. :)

these days my inner child is finally feeling quite peaceful. we are hopefully finding a balance together.

at first when i met her, she had to heal and grow so much. it was really hard. but now we are getting closer and can understand each other better.

it feels good to be able to talk with her and reason with her about stuff. if she's needing attention, i've realized that that has to be my first priority, even if it seems like a hassle. she's the one who knows best actually and taking care of her means taking better care of me.

in the long run, taking care of her will always be a better choice than ignoring her. we'll both feel better.

the fact that i don't have children is also a bit more bearable through having a positive relationship with her.

she is the excuse to do all the fun things i would do with my lost children.

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Thank you for being strong, brave, and solid through all the insanity. I have your back; I will take care of you. Not to worry any longer. I will listen to you and I will love you no matter what. You do not have to be afraid - nothing and no one can hurt you any more. I hear you when you call to me, when you are sad, when you feel lonely, when you are hungry. I promise to take care of you and give you what you need. You must promise me to give me time to hear and understand. This way, we continue to take care of each other.

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You are safe, don't be scared!!!

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My inner child at the moment is very happy, cause for once she can smile and be able to do things she always wanted to do. When she's not happy, she's very angry at me cause she just wants someone to hold onto. She wants to be able to trust people but she knows she can't cause she's been hurt so much in her life. At times I numb my feelings and I can feel deeply how she wants to cry, but she's also very strong. On days where I'm by myself my inner child comes out and I suddenly start crying, she's deeply sad by what has happened and she no longer wants to go on with life until the situation is taken care of. She trusts people who are open and willing to listen to her cause that's all she wants. That's what most people want, a friend, somebody to lean on when she's sad and somebody who deeply cares about her and that won't betray her ever.

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My inner child feels sad and is hiding she feels unsafe

Dear lil one

sorry you are feeling sad and unsafe

its ok to come out of hiding its safe

no bad people here i promise you will be safe

love Jane_Doe

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My inner child is sitting in a dark corner with her knees to her chest and her face buried beneath her hair surrounding her lowered head. She is crying and I'm not sure why because I have been issues reaching her. All I know is she misses feeling loved and loving back, but she is too afraid to love anymore.

I want to tell her it's okay to cry and it's okay to let someone hold her. I want her to know that it is time to let go of all of the negative feelings and that it is time for us to move passed him and accept him for the monster he is. I want her to know that I love her and so do many other people. That she is beautiful... and that she needs to come with me and accept growing up because I'm not fourteen anymore.

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I am so sorry lil star, I was so hard on you yesterday. I don't hate you I get a little confused sometimes about who my anger is really aimed at. I'm sorry I can't say the L word yet but just know i'm here x

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To my inner child,

it's ok, you're allowed to grieve. I'm sorry iv shut you out for so long, I'm sorry iv tried to ignore you. We both hurt, it can't be escaped and we should heal together not separately. I'm afraid too, you're not useless, pathetic or shameful for feeling this way. He may still be out There but so many people do love us...we are protected. we did all we could. You can be brave. I know trusting the new guy is hard, I know you want to, and I know it hurts that you can't, I believe it will come in time. You can be strong. :)

Just next time I acknowledge you... Please don't greet me with a fierce panic attack.


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Dear child me

it was not your fault.

You were a child, innocent. You had no understanding, no knowledge, no experience. You did not know why he did what he did. What was it? You did not know.

You were only 3, only 5, only a child.

Forgive yourself dear child. Deep forgiveness. Forgive your body. Let go.

I love you

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Dear Young one,

I know I didnt talk to you before. You are confused. You have no clue whats going on. Think this is okay. I want to tell you thats not okay, it doesnt mean you are bad, you dont deserve this. If you want me to punch her, I will? I am sorry you have to witness this, your soul is innocent, I am so sorry you are going through this. I wish you start talking to me, it's been long time,but I know you can. I promise you I will get you out of here, you will not be there anymore, that's not the place you should be. You dont belong there, and you dont deserve this. People who hurt you should be punished for that, I will do it.

Talk to me.

Love you.

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