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The Inner Child Thread

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my inner child is absolutely freaking out. she is screaming, clawing at my insides. because she feels abandonded and alone and doesnt thing that we can take care of ourselves. we can do it little megan. its going to be okay. i'm holding you tightly and softly stroking your hair. i'm sinigng you a lullaby. were okay. everything is right in the world.



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inner child has tons of emotions right now and i dont know what to do

dear inner child - please just relax baby, everything is going to be alright and i love you so much!

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inner child is annoyed that we have an outer child to tend to so often. inner child wants outer child to stop being demanding and stop crying. inner child wants me to be better at balancing both children's needs.

i love you Jessie. We are safe. all is well. you are loved. I am loved. my daughter is loved.

thanx for this thread


blessings on everyone's work of integration

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My inner child is sad today... she wants to know what it feels like when children get to play and laugh without contantly worrying and having an upset stomach. She was always planning her next move to protect herself, and just wants to run and play like the kids she use to watch outside her window. :(

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What a great thread! I think inner child work is really important to recovery (at least it has been on my path!), and what a great way to share. My inner child often gets scared but loves to be cuddled and do art.

Recently my inner child was very mad and had a lot about rage about being abused and not protected. But she's feeling better today. We've been knitting :)

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My inner child wants nothing to do with me today. She has left me detached. Alone. She has been acting weird for two days. Its just making me an emotional wreck. I find that she comes out a lot when I pray. And she asks the same questions over and over "Why?"

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My inner child is playful again. She wants to do arts and crafts all night. We are going to the craft store later so she can pick some things out. :dance:

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My inner child is very scared. and mistrustful. the only one she trusts is me. she is trapped, inside a tiny box built of shame. and all she really wants is to be free, to come out and play like the rest of the children.

this sounds so foolish

feels so true.


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This seemed to be a good place to share my poem...I shared it in another post but stumbled onto here and thought it might be okay to put it here too.

Here is a poem I wrote yesterday morning...I was less hopeful at the time, but this still speaks to how I feel most often...especially when I am hurting...


The Little One inside me

is desperate and afraid.

She wants so much to be loved

but trust just does not come this way.

The Little One inside me

cries herself to sleep.

She wants so much to trust

but the hurt is still so deep.

The Little One inside me

wants to run and play.

She wants the freedom to just be

but knows eventually she will pay.

The Little One inside me

cries out to be held.

She wants the comfort of safe arms

but safety is not truly felt.

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My little girl is sure that it was all her fault because she was an evil sinner. That's why he hurt her. That's why he killed himself.

I don't know how to comfort her because I think she might be right. I leave her down there in that basement.

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keep coming back into this folder no matter how many times i close it again... :unsure:

im not very nice to my 'inner child'...i want her gone, she weak and needy and i cant provide that for her, i dont want her here, she's a waste of space

ive been of that attitude for years and years, she isnt going, cries more, wants more, needs more


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My inner child whants to. Be held but is to afraid to come out of hidding because she feels to alone and to scared of trusting because she has been so badly hurt but she is so scared to reachs out for fear shell fall and no ones there to fix her bleeding soul so she sits alone. She has no tears left because there all used up I've kind of left her on her own just trying to be I didn't see her for any worth I'm not shure shell trust Me because I didn't Care for her when she needed Me so I will try to be more kind to her hopefully with some compassion and love but that going to takes time because they aren't one they are miles apart with brocken hearts of there own

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my inner child is my best ally, i am learning. when i give her what she needs, she trusts me and lets me do the work we need to do. speak our truth. feel our feelings. her needs are simple. acknowledgement of her existance within me. to be held (visulize adult me holding little me), to be told she is loved, lovable and that being hurt, being damaged is not her fault. she also needs to play. THAT i am not very good at. need to work on it. before last T i went to a beach (looking for sand to hold my incence) and ended up 'treasure hunting' for sea glass. it was such fun, and the child inside delighted. i need more of her in my life. i am way to serious and practical. been that way as long as i can remember. used to be why i loved to drink. i could let go of serious and practical for a short while.

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The picture I chose for display on this forum is my inner child. Never learned to play, never learned to make friends. I was always protecting myself and hiding. Forty nine years later my molester still makes comments threatening me if I discuss with anyone what he did. Now many years later I wish I could play, I wish I had friends. I am still afraid of people, the ones that don't understand, and those that want to hurt you. I feel so alone. Today I'll most likely go see mom, Ive been down with the flue and haven't seen her in a long time. She is 87 and one of the few I trust.

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My inner child is always scared. She neever plays, as she never learned to play. She doesn't write. She doesn't have any friends. She sits in a corner hoping that someday she will be loved properly and without fear of being hurt.

Sorry, that's all I can write.

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mine stayed and hid in a closet, crying for ages. she still doesnt play. but she DOES smile now. certainly not always, but its progress.

hang in there, hun. you are not alone,


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my inner child feels very very sad today. lost. lonely. feelings of loss. wanting to just hide away from the world, no need to put on a happy face for anyone. she is crying buckets of silent tears.

dear little one, i am sorry you are feeling so sad and lonely. I know why. i know it is hard. i know what you have lost. you are not alone, precious one. i am here with you. arms wrapped around you, holding you in my heart, we are one. you not alone with your pain. let your tears fall, and i will sit here with you, keeping you safe and warm, as you let your heart speak its truth. hearing you. holding you. here with you.

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This is something I wrote when I was 15. I think i'm missing a verse though...

I look In the mirror,

But all I can see,

Is a sad Innocent girl,

Looking back at me.

I try to reach out and help her,

To lend a helping hand,

But it's like trying to help the water,

Once it touches the sand.

Now she's almost a grown woman,

In a world of her own,

There is no one there to lean on,

As they have all gone.

I try again to reach out to her,

To lend a hand of course,

But she'd rather be taken to heaven,

On a while magical horse

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