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The Inner Child Thread

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It was not your fault.

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I'm saying:

I'm sorry that daddy was such a mean sick person that he could not be your daddy. I'm sorry that mommy was such a frightened sick person that she could not help you. It was not your fault. You deserved so much better. I'm going to give you that "better" now. I know you're angry and sad. It's safe to lean on me. You'll feel better soon. I'm here to take care of you now. It's safe to feel happy sometimes, to be playful and affectionate. It was not safe then, but it's safe now, as long as you are with me.

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my inner child is just like a regular kid. still wants kid toys sometimes (im 16), have to touch everything still, likes to climb trees, swing, and just be silly. shes fun, and shes happier than i am, have been, and probably ever will be. she also laughs at everything.


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i am sorry that i havent been a good mom to you and let you get hurt but i promise that i will not let that happen again because all i want to do is hug and love you!

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When you get older, it will get better.

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I forgot big your heart was and how forgiving you were.

You're still there and intact. I'm glad

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dear inner child: i love you angel baby and i am so very sorry that i have let you get hurt!

today she is thinking that she is worthless and she is feeling sad because of that!

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My inner child is feeling sad because my aunt is in Italy right now, and she feels comforted by her because my aunt is very nurturing and she looks at her as a sort of mother figure since my mom is sick a lot and can't really be there for her (us?).

She'll be back later this month, hun. Then you get to stay with her for at least a week.


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It's okay to let your feelings out. It does not make you a bad girl. In fact, it makes you a very good girl because you are honoring yourself. Tell me your feelings so I can understand you completely. I'll protect and love you and together we will heal and feel better.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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Guest SaraElizabeth

My inner child wants to be looked after, but has nobody to look after her. She also wants to scream.

Scream hon :) And I'll try and look after you from now on.

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my inner child just wants to be left alone at the moment. i want to tell her that it is okay to reach out to me and that i do not want to hurt her. all i want to do is how her how much i really do care for her and love her!

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My inner child is scared to move away - to be alone with her pain..

I'm going to make it so safe and nice there and you will be safe and you can always use the phone to call anyone you want to anytime you want to.

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She is feeling so tired and scared from what happened. She is also feeling comforted by real care and love for the first time.

I'm telling her I know how terrifyingly catastrophic it all was, I feel it. I'm giving her water to drink, and hugging her to let her know we're going to be okay.

You're not alone, you're not going to be abandoned. We're really going to be okay.

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I think little me is trying so hard to talk but I continue to stiffle her.

She desperately wants me to believe what happened so that I can take care of her but I think I am more afraid than she is at the moment.

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my inner child is worried about me, i think. she wont talk to me at the moment so i dont know that for sure. but, i do know that she is sad. im trying to help her the best i can but she wont let me.

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