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I Am New.. Am I A Bit Too Much For This?


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Hi all of AS,

I've been doing my best to understand the site rules and general discussion topics without being fully a member (not enough posts yet)

I'm hopeful I can find peers, or friends, or someone that I can honestly talk to about how much PTSD has an effect on my daily life. I have recently found a home church, but cannot muster the courage to connect with members there because of the shame always being carried in my conscience..

I'm glad a site like this exists, but I am wondering, is the degree of my trauma too much for this site?

Thanks all,


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Hello Bluey

welcome to After Silence, what you've been through is not too much for this site, please know you are very welcome here. My name is Paula, and i'm one of the newbie support team here,.

if you have any questions about the board, please don't hesitate to contact one of us

take care,

Paula :hi:

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Hi Bluey,

Welcome to AS. I'm sorry you have suffered trauma, but do know this is a very supportive site. The members here are kind and understanding. It's hard to talk to people who do not know, but please believe me when I say that the shame belongs to the abusers, not the individuals that have suffered at their hands. The shame is not yours. I wish you well on your healing journey.



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Welcome here, Bluey. I'm sorry you have to be here in the first place, however. You're among people who truly understand though, and that helps a lot with the feelings of isolation, shame, etc. I hope that, with your home church you've found and AS, it helps you as you move forward and heal in confidence.

Your level of trauma will not be too much to handle - there are many of us on here who have twisted/repeat/horrible traumatic experiences that we've lived through, and none is worse/better than the other - it is all our own trauma, that causes deep hurt, and is significant. You deserve to be supported as you deal with the after-math of what you've endured, and we're here for you, no matter how horrific it is. All that is asked is that a person adds a TW (or trigger warning) before getting into traumatic memories/experiences. Again, welcome! Safe hugs to you if OK.

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No matter what your demons are (so to speak) I am sure we can all relate on some level. Some probably closely to what you have experienced. I have just begun telling my story(ies). I have never told anyone out loud, but this site gives me an outlet. I hope it can do the same for you.

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Buey, I myself have been through some extreme tr@uma on once in all the years I have Baan here has someone expresses discomfort in reading the parts of my story I've chosen to share.

Welcome to as!

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