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My (not real) name is Corry. I'm fine with being called Corry or CC. I'm an adult survivor of CSA, which then lead to the common struggle among survivors of CSA - a long string of abusive and unhealthy relationships. I'm here to connect with others who can understand the challenges we have to overcome, and to read the stories of others to help me internalize that I am not alone and that I can lead a healthy life.

But I am not defined by what happened to me, so here are some other things that I think make me who I am. I have a BA in gender studies, which I'm very proud of because I never thought I would make it through college. I love speculative fiction in all its forms, from books to TV to video games to tabletop roleplaying games. I also love to learn and spend a lot of my free time watching TED talks and nature documentaries. I love to write, mostly fiction. Honestly, mostly fan-fiction. I have been thinking about writing an autobiography but my memories of childhood are so disjointed that I'm not sure it would be very cohesive. My biggest strengths are that I'm smart and eloquent. My biggest weaknesses are that I am very anxious and I too-often put the wants of others in front of my own needs.

I am an only child. I was raised by a single mother for the first few years of my life and then mostly by my grandparents. I left home as soon as I turned 18. I have never met my father.

I guess that's all I really have to say right now. Thanks for reading.

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Hi CC,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry about the trauma you've endured, but you have found a very supportive site. You are not alone. Congrats on overcoming your challenges and earning your degree. It is something to be proud of, to have a goal and be able to follow thru. I can personally relate on the anxiety and putting others first. I think it is actually quite common with survivors. I do wish you well on your healing journey.



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Hi Corry,

Glad you're here. The fact that you have accomplished so much despite all you have been through is testimony to your strong will to heal and succeed. I also like your comment about the abuse not defining you.

You are definitely not alone. AS seems very supportive, and it's a safe way to share and find the understanding we all need.

Kudos to your successes so far and here's to a peaceful journey to come.

Connie :tealribbon:

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Hello Corry,

Welcome to Aftersilence. My name is Mandy and I am apart of the Newbie Support Team here at AS. If you have any questions at all please feel free to send me a message and or anyone else on the NST team.

I'm a CSA survivor as well, and I know what you mean by unhealthy relationships. I'm glad to hear you say that it doesn't define you! Even though you've had something terrible happen,..there are so many positives and achievements in your life :) I love it!


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