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Greatful To Have Found A Safe Place

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Hello. I have finally figured out how to post something. I'm horrified and alone and so glad that I have somewhere I can talk. It's been a week...happened 7/2. I still cant remember much. Not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. I'm hoping that talking about it will help me remember and move on. I welcome help from anyone.

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Hi rt71,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry for the trauma that you have suffered, but you have found a safe place to talk and share. The members here are very understanding and kind. I still have gaps in my memory, but I can't really answer your question, if it is a blessing or a curse. Perhaps it is a bit of both, tho. You just kinda work with it and thru it. You took a big step today in reaching out. It is one stop in this healing journey. I wish you well.



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Your welcome, rt. I remember my first response, when I came on, too. I know the relief and the feeling of acceptance. I'm happy to welcome you to the community. I'm sure that I will see you around the boards. :)

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I do have a question for everyone. When I was writing things down that I remembered, trying to develop a timeline, I'm finding that I cannot remember things that took place an hour or two before I went out. I'm also remembering things out of sequence and still do even though I'm validating times with receipts and text messages. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this? I may wait until I can share my story to explain what happened. I'm trying not to be insensitive in the public forum.

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:aswelcomesu::youcanheal::notalone::bighug: if OK

It is very common to forget, timelines, chunks of time,to muddle things up. I have *forgotten* the vaste majority of my life. :blink:

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I'm really sorry for what you're going through. I'm also new and want to say I've found this site to be very supportive and kind.

I wish I knew what to say :( Just know that the site and I are here for you though. Welcome to the site.

- CivilRenegade

:throb::lindybear: <~~~ I love this puppy! Hope you enjoy him too :)

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Memory is a strange thing. For me, I have vivid time and completely blank time. I often compare it to a light switch being turned on and off repeatedly. I do kinda have a timeline, just completely blank on parts. However your mind is reacting, it is normal. I think in part, our mind tried to protect us from to much bad.

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Hello Rt71,

Welcome to Aftersilence. I'm sorry for the reason you have had to make your way oover here. Memory can be very strange/ difficult. I think a lot of time when we get struck with trauma our brains try to block out information. It will take time but I think it will come to you.

If you have any questions about the boards please feel free to message me or another member of the Newbie Support Team :)


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