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New Survivor Here

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hey there, my name is jami. i'm already not really sure what to say. um, i'm 21 and a survivor of almost 5 years, though i guess i wasn't consciously aware of it until fairly recently—like the last six months or so. i was at a really great private college where i had a really great group of friends as a support system, but it all fell apart during sophomore year when i had some sort of nervous breakdown related to mental illness, took a medical leave of absence, and eventually withdrew altogether. i picked myself up (for the most part) and now i'm about a thousand miles away, studying a new major at a community college and hoping to transfer to a university next year. it's good and all, but not the same — i haven't made any new friends since moving so that's been hard. anyway, i'm studying animal behavior/medicine to be a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, or veterinary behaviorist. i really want to work for a non-profit humane society someday. i basically have two interests: star trek and corgis. the ultimate interest is, obviously, star trek corgis. so... hi! while i can't say i'm exactly glad to be here, this does seem like a very nice, supportive, and healing community. i hope this continues to hold true.

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Hi Jami,

Welcome to AS. I am very sorry that you have suffered trauma and that you are, more or less, starting over in a new place. I am sure that can be very unsettling, especially without the support system that you had prior. I do like that you have a goal in mind. Taking care of animals is such a loving thing to do. You will find support here and know that you are not alone. I wish you well on your healing journey.

BTW...what you said was perfectly fine. You will never be pressured to say more or less than you are comfortable with. Take your time, and look around.



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:aswelcomesu::youcanheal::notalone::bighug: if OK

Hope you manage your dream, mine was the same but I never completed due to........

I was a dog trainer and ran a boarding kennels, mostly for dogs that would not be accepted elsewhere,

i.e. trained guard dogs, dogs that were nervous or had separation anxiety, things like that.

I now have 6 rescue dogs and volunteer when I can at the refuge where half of my dogs came from.

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i currently work at a dog daycare & boarding kennel, but it is mostly for the "normal" dogs — mentally and physically well, sociable and friendly, etc. i like it but it doesn't give me the satisfaction of helping the animals truly in need. i don't know if i will reach my dream (school is very mentally draining for me and a whole lot of $$$$$) but i think i will be satisfied if i find myself in a position like yours. it sounds to me that you have changed the lives of many needy dogs for the better (and still are!) and that is still very much worth a lot, even if it seems short of your intended goal. your dedication to helping animals is admirable :)

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Well done for joining. Working with animals will give you such satisfaction. I currently work with dogs and was involved in res uing them. Although its hard work, it

s so rewarding and the animals make everything worthwhile.

Good luck with your hdaling and chosen career path.

Laura xx

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Hello Spocknado!!!!!

You've got some wonderful interests that are so COOL!!! I'm sorry you've survived things that bring you to a site like this...but I'm glad you found us and I hope we can share the trek towards healing together! :)

If you have any needs please feel free to pm (private message) myself or any other member of the Newbie Support Team and we will try to help as best as we can!

Live long and prosper,

Activist Ally

Here is a song I deeply love that I think, though it is for the show Enterprise, it really speaks to the struggle of we survivors...

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