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Hello! New And Hoping To Heal.

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My name is Courtney and I recently discovered this website and have been making an effort to heal as I've realized I have put off thinking about this for years.

I'm 24 and currently living in Michigan, practicing yoga, making art and blogging to fill my free time. I'm not sure what I'm hoping to find on these forums, maybe comfort, maybe just a community that understands what I've been through. Feel free to introduce yourself, I would love to make some connections here!

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Hi Courtney,

Welcome to AS. I am sorry that you have suffered trauma, but happy you have found this site. You will find lots of support from kind and understanding members. I too, had put off an effort of healing, before finding this place. It is a big step to admit this, and I'm sure that you will make many more steps. I wish you well on your healing journey. BTW...I'm a Michigander, as well. :) Have you been enjoying this rain we've been getting?



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Welcome, I'm new as well. Like you, I put off thinking and dealing with the thought of healing for years. Seeing a therapist eventually lead to me to seek out support online, which lead me here.

I find that making art helps me too.

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hello! i'm also new here. i think a lot of survivors put off thinking about what happened — i sure did. completely internalized and suppressed it for five years, in fact. but since coming around to face facts, i've found emotional outlets through blogging and especially art, like you it seems. i was actually lucky enough to discover a really great art-based therapy group for SA survivors that i'm very excited about! group therapy isn't good for everybody, but i've been surprised to find it very helpful for me, despite having social anxiety. glad you found your way to this site!


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Welcome here, Courtney! I'm Courtney, too, from Canada. I love yoga as well; I'm horrible at creating art, lol, but I write & play piano & sing, so I relate to the artistic aspect of your hobbies.

I'm sorry for the harm you've endured in your life that has brought you to AS, but I'm sure you'll find great comfort and understanding here, as many survivors, myself included, have found. Looking forward to getting to know you more on here! Safe hugs to you if OK.

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Hello Courtney and welcome to AS (After Silence)! :hi:

I'm sorry you have a reason to belong here but I'm glad you found us. Super interests that you have listed...I love yoga myself! I hope AS will be the kind of place you can make the safe and supportive connections that can help you along your way towards healing.

If you happen to have any questions or need anything I hope you will feel free to send myself or any of the other members of e Newbie Support Team a PM (personal message) and we will try our best to assist you. :)

All strength to you,

Activist Ally

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