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My name is Ariel. I'm from a small town in Ohio. I have a cat whom I love very much. I recently just graduated college with an associates in law enforcement. I currently work as a manager at a fast food restaurant while filling out applications and waiting for an academy to start. Things I like to do in my spare time are going to the gym, one on one boxing lessons, and just lounging on my couch with an entire pizza and Netflix. .. I guess I'm here for the same reason we all are .. I have had a traumatic experience growing up .. I won't get too much into it because this isn't the forum for it, but basically just compare my childhood to the book "The Child Called It".. My question is, how do you get a password for the "share your story" forum? .. I look forward to getting to know all of you. . It's nice not to feel so alone, though I don't wish these feelings upon any of you. I hope everyone has a great day. And remember, You are a survivor.

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Welcome! I love Netflix as well! You can get the password to the forum after you've posted 10 messages to our forums. I hope you find this site as supportive and helpful as I have!


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:aswelcomesu::youcanheal::notalone::bighug: if OK the entry to *share your story* is automatic after you have made 10 nposts

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Hello Arielg,

Welcome to After Silence (AS). I'm a member of the Newbie Support Team and want to let you know if you have questions please feel free to ask myself or any of the NST members or moderators and we will be glad to assist.

Yes if you make 10 posts or replies to any post you will be able to access the "share my story" forum and access the chat feature. Some of the other forums are password restricted so if you want access to those please let us know. :)

Again, welcome to AS and I hope this website will be of help to you as you walk towards healing.

Wtih support,

Activist Ally

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Hello Ariel,

Welcome to AS. Very sorry that you suffered trauma, but you will find AS a very supportive site. I am a neighbor of sorts, I come from Michigan. I also have a cat that I love to death. You probably can tell from my avatar. I wish you well in the police academy, they will be lucky to have you. I also wish you well on your healing journey and remember that you are never alone here at AS.



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