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We Really Need A Grief Forum/area

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Is there anyway to have a forum or area where we can talk about a discuss grief. I know there is a section about grief of the loss of babies but what about other loss. I'm hurting bad and need somewhere to go to write someone who understands the loss and grief we survivors go through. Please can we have a place like this started. I'm scared to write somewhere and upset or trigger others, but if there was a place that was safe for that then I wouldn't have to worry, I wouldn't have to keep it all locked inside.

thank you for whoever takes the time to read and answer

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There may be, but you make a good point. R** takes a lot away from a person- the carefree person they were before it happened, it can rob you of your mental health.I realise a lot of my recovery is connected to the grief that things changed after r*** and I could not get them back on track, no matter how hard I tried.

Just put TW on anything you are concerned might trigger.

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Great idea, spark!

It has been loss after loss for me as well...and soooooooo much grieving. It would be great if we could have a thread where we could talk about our losses and support each other.

Looking forward to this. I think it will be very helpful.


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I have also lost good friends recently, 1st anniversairy of long time friend just passed and I know yours is just coming up, it hurts so badly when you know you can't just go and talk, hug them or even just be there for them when they need you for once.

Hope we can get a forum on here just for that


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I actually suggested the same thing just a couple of weeks ago, but it was in a different area. I agree that we should have a grief forum!

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^^^^I agree^^^^^ It would be so great to have a place where we can open up about grief of any type - loss of friends, family, etc or just our grief about what we've lost due to our abuse. somewhere that is safe for us to vent and not worry about triggering the others here. Somewhere we know is just for that. It's so helpful to know that specific forum is for a specific purpose. It makes me feel ok with posting things I'd otherwise refrain from typing for worry that I'd upset someone.

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Hi all. We've had a discussion about this.

It was felt by the moderators that most of the points that people are making for the idea of a grief forum are things that can be covered under the Aftermath. We are a site that focuses on rape and sexual abuse and if we begin to add forums for all the areas in a person's life then we risk losing the focus.

However we thought maybe a pinned topic in the Aftermath forum called The Grief Support Thread could be a solution. I'll set it up now and hope you will find it a useful space.

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i have been suffering for a long time my best friend killed her self and she was only 15 years old and I am hurting still really bad

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