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Welcome Hailed!sorry that you have a reason to be here, but we are all supportive, and have very similar stories. Its nice to be able to talk to someone who understands first hand what you are going through.

We are all here for each other, if you have any questions or feel the need to talk, just shoot me a message (:

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Hello Hailee and Flo,

Welcome to AS. You have found a very supportive site. Sorry either of you have need for a place like this, but you will find the members kind and understanding. We are all walking this healing journey together.



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Flodearnley, just take your time in sharing your story. You have to do it in the share you story form, it is protected and only members can see it. Sometimes all you can get out is one word or just a line. What makes you comfortable is the most important.


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Hi Hailey,

My name is Jan, and I am a member of the Newbie Support Team. I just wanted to take the time to say welcome to After Silence.

I am glad that you have joined with us. I hope that you find comfort and support here as you you get to know and connect with others in building a support system for yourself.

If you need anything or have questions about the boards or how something works, please send me a personal message. I will gladly help in any way possible.

Take good care,

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