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23 Male Here, And New!

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My story starts when I was 10 or 11, maybe 12? And ends just recently. I have lots to get off my chest, but for now... Hello!

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Hi itsmylife,

Welcome to After Silence, :aswelcomesu:

I am sorry about what happened to you in the past that brought you here.

I am very Proud of YOU, and want to Commend you for reaching out for Support here at AS. :clap:

The members here are very Friendly and Supportive :)

We all have similar stories, and we understand how you feel.

Sending YOU Support :notalone::supportu::youcanheal::bighug: IfOK

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Hi Itsmylife,

Welcome to AS. I like your username. Reclaiming what is yours, is a very good thing, and your life is just that...yours. :) Sorry for your trauma, but you will find much support here. Everyone is kind and understanding. I wish you well on your healing journey.



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Thank you for supporting me and I do offer my hopes that everyone who joins will find valid answers to their traumatic experiences.


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Welcome to AS (After Silence) from the NST (Newbie Support Team). We're here to help if you need anything so please feel free to message me if you have questions okay?

With support,

Activist Ally

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