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New And Nervous...

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Hello, This is my first time using an online support group and my first time really starting to address my issues. I have PTSD and crippling anxiety so I am very nervous about posting. I am even having a hard time just commenting on others posts, does anyone else have this issue? I start to write something and then just back out of the page before posting anything. I am not sure where to start when it comes to addressing all my issues but I have a friend who utilizes online support groups and they have been such a big help for her so I thought I would try it out and see where it takes me. Anyhow, thanks for reading, have a nice day :-)

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Hello and welcome! I just joined this site recently, and there are some wonderfully warm accepting people here that understand. I'm sorry for what happened to you. Know that you're not alone and I support you. I completely understand the anxiety because I also have severe anxiety. Baby steps are important, and they need to happen at your own pace.


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Welcome Holly,

So sorry for the trauma you suffered, but you are no longer alone. It's ok to be nervous, this is new. We've all been new, and we understand. Take your time, look around. It's not easy to share, but maybe in time you will become comfortable. No need to rush. I've gone thru phases of responding to others, as well. If it is hard to express your support, you might try the hugs. Many of use them, when words fail us, and the person who has posted will appreciate. But again, take your time.




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Hi holly this this is my first time using this site too, as a secondary survivor of achild who was raped. I hope to find other people in my situation too, all I can say is be strong each day,

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