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This Forum Is Not Private! (New -And Old- Members, Please Read Immediately!)

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Thank you for taking the time to open this thread. It is VERY important that you read this.

There are 2 pinned/locked topics in this forum (Welcome forum) that ask members to read before posting. I do understand that when you're new to After Silence, you're anxious to post and get involved in the healing process, and therefore may decide to just read those important sounding threads 'later'.

Here's the problem....'later' never seems to happen. The reason those threads are there in every forum, is to enlighten you as to the specific rules and guidelines for each forum. Because there ARE certain things that are not allowed to be posted (for safety, and trigger-related reasons).

As for this forum, the Welcome forum, I want to clarify and renew the most important guidelines, as I suspect another reason that the "Please Read" topics are being ignored is because they are so old and perhaps you might think they are no longer necessary to read. (They are, though).

  1. Do not post what happened to you in the Welcome forum.
    Introduce yourself, by all means. If you want to tell us what part of the world you're from and how old you are, great. No problem. But do not post any part of what happened to you here - we have a separate forum for that (Share your story) which is seen only by members. This forum (Welcome) is seen not only by members, but also by secondary members, researchers, and even non-members viewing this site (it is a PUBLIC forum). So for your own safety and privacy, we ask that you only post personal things such as your story in the non-public, appropriate subforums.
  2. Do not post names.
    This means - for your own privacy, and for legal reasons for AS - do not post your real name. Do not use your real name anywhere on this website. If you signed up with a username that has your real name in it, we can change it for you. Simply PM a moderator with what you would like your username changed to and we can do that for you. This is for safety, privacy, and legal security reasons.
    Also, do not (for LEGAL reasons) post the name(s) of your attacker/abuser(s) if they have not been convicted.
  3. Try to keep your welcome introductions and responses simple.
    Remember that anything you post in the Welcome section can be seen by absolutely ANYONE viewing the forum and isn't a member. So try not to get into long personal discussions here. We have other forums that are not public that you can participate in longer personal discussions about different things.

We only create these rules for your safey and privacy - as well as for security and legal reasons for us. Please keep posts in the welcome forum simple and non-identifying or personal. Again, you can get personal in other forums.

Thank you,

The Aftersilence Moderating Team.

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:ThankYou:, I think it needs to get :bump: up every so often to bring it to the attention of new members

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In case anyone's worried, Dante is my "alter-ego", not my real name ^.^ Always good to be reminded of security, easy to forget such things once you get comfortable in a place.

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Hello everyone, I am new and nervous. I have never used this type of forum before. My therapist thought it would be a good idea. I am looking forward to exploring this site and sharing with others who have been through what I have been through. 😊

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:aswelcomesu::youcanheal::notalone::bighug: if OK

Hi Kasx You need to have made 10 posts, to enter *share your story* either in answer to others, your own posts, or just on the games site, it doesn't matter, entry will then be automatic.

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