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This tutorial is for any member who wishes to:

A. Block a member from chatting with them

B. Block a member from messaging them

C. Block a member's posts to prevent seeing them

D. Block a member's signature.

Please note:

A. Please try to only use this option if your issue is not resolved by chat or board mods, or while you are waiting for a chat/board mod to resolve your issue if the problem is ongoing.

B. Please only use this option as a last resort if a member continues to harass you after a mod has attempted to handle the problem.

C. Use this option with care, and try to only use it when absolutely necessary.

D. You can use this if a member's signature is triggering (but please report it if it is), distracting, or if you otherwise decide you don't want to see their signature.

as1_zps016f4f78.pngStep One: Click on your username at the top of the screen.


Step two: Click "Manage Ignore Prefs".


Step three: You will be taken to this page. Type in the member's name in the box. Check whichever box(es) that you want to ignore of the member. And click "Save Changes".
Please always note that you can contact a moderator if you are having an issue with another member.

Side note: If you wish to ignore ALL Signatures on the site, you can check the box at the top above "Users I'm ignoring" that says 'Ignore all signatures when reading topics and personal messages'. Again, make sure you click "Save Changes".

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