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A Trigger Warning List?

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There are things I want to say sometimes but I'm not sure if it'll trigger people. Other times I'm not sure how to tag possible triggers. I'm sure there are some that I don't know exist in the first place.

A list of types of trigger warnings to be used in the tags would be very helpful.

Thank you!

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I'll write a trigger warning for posts that go into details regarding my assault/stalking, or for mention of something violent. Just two guidelines for you. I'm sure there are others as well, that others can post and share their thoughts. :flowers:

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To add to what NorskyCourtney said about Trigger warnings for details about assault/stalking/ anything of a sexual or violent nature, I also try to post Trigger warnings for anything that may contain curse words (venting, quoting something that was said to us in real life, etc).

When posting about Self Injury/Harm (and always be sure to post in the correct subforum) I'd recommend always posting a trigger warning.
Same for Eating disorder related posts.

Other things that may require trigger warnings:

Talking about flashbacks, nightmares, details about legal processes, etc.

Venting that includes details of unsupportive victim blaming from others.

Anything that might be an obvious trigger to any survivor :)

And to post a trigger warning, you can post "Trigger Warning" or "TW" for short in your title, tag for your topic, and/or in the post itself before you begin writing the rest of it.

You can also use either of these symbols in your post:


I hope this helps :)

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What I like to do is say trigger warning and explain what might be in the post I think could be sensitive ...

Example: Trigger warning: contains self harm - not graphic or graphic. Trigger warning for profanity. Trigger warning for graphic detail of abuse.

A run down of what I think might trigger. If I am not sure it's a trigger I will put the warning anyway and again the topic I plan to bring up and let others decide if they want to read. Most my posts will have a trigger warning or should have one. See my name I'm a walking trigger warning. ..

I also want to take a moment to urge self care. This is really important. This is a site for survivors to get support. The topics all over the forum aren't going to be very pretty. Please ground yourself or do something nice or prepare for triggers. Moderators do the best they can and we as a community do best as we can, but the fact is being a survivor and talking about issues is going to bring up a LOT of nasty things I wish we didn't have to go through. Coming here sometimes might not be safe. There are days, weeks, and months I don't come here because it is not safe for me to read certain things. Sometimes avoiding those particular forums that could trigger me isn't enough. Sometimes the list of recent topic titles will trigger me. And that is OKAY for me and for you to take a break at anytime. I urge self care. And when I say titles that trigger me are not at all in any violation or need an official trigger warning. I often struggle with the words doll and uncle.. certain holidays. Some days those normal every day words bother me. Sometimes like right now I'm good with those words. I don't want anyone avoiding or censoring themselves with those words. Use them. I do have self care methods in place that help me if I do get triggered I urge everyone that has triggers to look for something that helps them that's safe and effective and more than one something. A tool box. The more tools you have the better.

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