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New Member Intros Between 12/27 And 12/30 May Be Lost

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Hi any new members who wrote an introduction between December 27th, and December 30th!!!

After Silence switched the company that houses its servers and at least temporarily it looks like a couple of days posts/messages were lost in the transition. Hey, they may come back, but who knows? :shrugs:

I wanted to reassure anyone who took the brave step of posting an introduction that your posts were not intentionally misplaced. I know I've welcomed several new members in the last couple of days and also some of you messaged me with questions. Now the messages and my replies are not showing up. :blink:

So I want to let anyone whose new introduction is not showing up know that you are more than welcome to post another introduction and by all means please send me another message if you didn't get the answer to your questions the first time around.

And I absolutely want to reassure you all that it was not anything intentional - we really care about ya and want to help with your questions and don't want to see your intros and questions get lost in the shuffle. Please be patient and I think the technical issues will be sorted out here soon :supacool:

Please take care all and know that you are welcome here! :bighug:

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