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I'm Back


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Hi guys,

I am an old member who hasn't been online for a while. I've come back as I need some support. I would also like to support others and feel as though I am in a place of understanding.

I have a question - how do I change my colour theme on here? I can't really see it properly, and it's messing with my eyes (I have terrible eyesight). Thank you.

I hope people are as well as they can be,


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Hey there :hi: (I am sorry I cant answer your question about the colure scheme!) but I just wanted to say welcome back to AS! I hope you find lots of support and understanding here!!


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Hi Iamreal!

Welcome back to AS! We are glad to offer you support and appreciate that you wish to be supportive of others here as well!

As to your question on setting the color theme, if I understand what you are asking, I think you are talking about the "skins" we used to be able to choose from? Unfortunately after the site crashed in 2013 there only appears to be one option for color themes. I miss those old skins too like "spring fling" which was my favorite!

If you have any questions about the way the site is configured now please feel free to contact me as I'm part of the newbie support team. I know you are not really a "newbie" but after having been away for a while I just wanted to welcome you back and extend my support. :)

Activist Ally

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