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Good Morning! I'm Ready For A New Beginning

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Welcome here, meeegs. As someone who didn't press charges against my abusers, I don't have any tangible advice to offer you in this department. However, if you look under the thread topic "Legal Support", I'm sure you'll find something there; if no answers, at least support and understanding. It's not fair, there truly is no tangible/true justice for us survivors.

I'm very sorry for the reasons you've come to join AS, yet I hope you find this community to be a supportive and safe source of comfort. Looking forward to getting to know you more on here.

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thank you courtney, i will check out the legality; the forums related to it.

memories of this summer have me reeling, i just wish for Eternal Sunshine & a Spotless Mind. that film made it very evident that if we did not endure the pain we have been experiencing, in he recent past or just past in general, and the cliche stands we wouldn't be the people we are today, without those experiences

but, how do we know we wouldn't have been better off never having been raped, or taken advantage of, or emotionally abused.

i dont see much but my mental instability as my body&brain's response to said abuse.
bipolar / borderline personality, or both? who gives a shlt? it's just another way to marginalize my pain, put me in a slot, where the EXCEPTIONS go.

you know, ones that you refuse to listen to, then you refute their story's credibility, based upon your assumption that, this person MUST be an elaborate liar!
i welcome them all to throw their stones, but do not forget, they are behind a castle of glass, they do sometimes wake in the morning, and have a delusion of freedom.

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hello meegs666,

welcome to After Silence, my name is Paula and I am one of the newbie support team here, I hope you are finding your way around the board okay, if you need any help with any aspect of the board please let me know and I will do my best to help

take care,


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Hi Meegs666,

Welcome to Aftersilence :hi:

I never ended up following through with my report...so kudos to you! I know it can be a tough journey...and I'm glad you found us, so you can find people supporting you with no judgement. I had initially told a teacher at school which led police authorities to be involved... but in the end I gave up.. I didnt want to live through it. You have so much courage- and I look forward to hearing from you. Sending all the support and hugs you need!


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Hi meeegs666,

Welcome to the site... and sorry for the reasons that brought you here. Certainly, the outcome of reporting rape and sexual abuse can be positive... it happened for me. I was lucky in that the police came to me both times leading up to my abuser (my father) being charged (he's a serial child molester) and I'm happy that he was convicted and ended up in prison both times (most recently for 14 years). But I totally respect whatever decision is made by someone else with regard to reporting their abuser... & it has definitely unhinged me both times the cases went to court. But I think it was worth it in terms of some sense of justice (however little) & more importantly to get this predator off the streets...

As courtney says, there's a forum dedicated to all things legal where you'll find some stories of abusers being successfully convicted.

All the best to you - hope you find what you need on this site & that you feel as supported as I have so far here :bighug:


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Hello, I am first of all quite thankful to be here, not because I have been a victim, not because justice has been served (because, does that even happen anymore?) or because i've seen any of the men who had taken advantage of me behind bars, I am glad to be in this community because I feel like being around other rape and sexual assault survivors can help me to move even further forward in my journey.

My last experience with sexual assault was on July 27th, in September I made up my mind to attempt to take this guy to court for what he did to me. No stranger to the police and their antics (when dealing with me, a person who respects authority when said respect is EARNED) I knew it was going to be a bumpy ride to say the least. I called the state police on the second week in september.

I haven't had any coorespondence with them since. By now the rapist has moved from the state. I refuse to give up.

I need to know, does it get easier?

I could use a couple hugs, or one real big one.

I will never forget these things i have endured in my life. They exist in a file in my mind that can never be deleted. People do not like to hear the words i say, and i at least feel safe here.

It is getting more difficult as the days go on, and culminating the anger and hate in my mind, I will call the police to follow up in a couple minutes.

if any of you have heard of an instance where the rapist has acually been convicted, and ends up paying his dues for what he/or she did to you. Direct me to the story, i will be scouring the site for the remainder of the morning.

thank you for reading.



It does. I'm sorry justice is so cruddy a system. I feel Ya there. Also, I did send my step father to prison successfully, but I think the post got deleted in the messy site down a while back. But...it can happen. I promise.

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Thank you all for your kind responses. I will be calling the State Barracks again today, wish me more luck than I had last week. I didn't sleep a wink last night. Been up working on my blog page. It has been a saving grace, to say the words I so need to say, to the world of internetting, and the words I want to keep to me, but still need to get out I can do here, as it's safe, like homebase in tag.

my boyfriend is concerned i am sharing too much, i told him my blog is for me first, and for other people to no feel so damn alone in the face of injustice.

i am going to call the police barracks now. *crosses fingers*

love yas!


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