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Hi everyone. Struggling with the loss of memories. I feel so out of control, everyone knowing more than me… The more I find out, the worse I feel. If there is a board to talk about this, I would really appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks,


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:aswelcomesu::youcanheal::notalone::bighug: if OK

Have a look round, read a few posts and when comfortable you can start your own.

The* share you story* board needs you to have made at least 10 posts before you can post there,

security measure

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I agree with Reglois. Have a look around. I think you will find that more people understand, that with which you deal. AS is a very supportive and caring group of people. I am sorry for the reason that brings you here, but know you are not alone!! Welcome to AS!!(((((((((HUGS)))))))))))


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Welcome here, LiLau. I'm sorry you're struggling right now. I can definitely relate to what you had just posted. I struggled with a lot of memory loss, inability to remember big details (I was inebriated when it happened, and I removed myself far away from it once it was all done, repressed the details), and as I deal with the healing process, more and more comes to mind, and lemme tell ya - it isn't pretty, at all. If you ever need someone to talk to, my PM is always open. I hope you find a safe, warm community in After Silence.

If you go to the thread: Sexual Assault: Different Types, there is one called "Assault While Dissociated". I'm not sure if that was your case or not, but, that is a board that may pertain to you, based on the fact that you don't remember details. Dissociation can also include having been drunk, drugged, asleep... Those types of things. Please take good care of you, and you've got a friend in AS whenever you're in need. Hugs to you, if OK.

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Hello LiLau

welcome to After Silence, my name is Paula and I am one of the newbie support team here, I hope you are finding your way around the board okay, if you need any help, please let me know

take care, Paula

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Hello LiLau, I'm sorry you are having a really bad time at present.

It is normal to feel the way you feel at present. It is normal not to have memories or have only fragmented memories after SA. Your mind is trying to protect you.

Memories will come back when you are ready to deal with them. Are you seeing a therapist? How do you think you can take care of yourself during this difficult time?

There is a book called "The Courage to Heal" by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass. It is really good. There is a chapter on "Memories and Remembering". You can get the book online or in public libraries.

All the best

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Hi lilly!

Welcome to AS! I can certainly relate to your post has I also struggle with loss of memories! I am sorry for what you have been through, if you ever need to talk I am around! :hug:


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