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I'm Not The Only One Who...

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In this forum let's talk about things we don't feel like we're alone in doing 2 serious and 2 funny that way we release some repressed emotions as well as laugh! I'll start:

-I'm not the only one who feels alone although surrounded by tons of people.

-I'm not the only one who's afraid to talk about my past because of the emotions associated with it.

-Maybe I'm the only one who rubs my feet together before I fall asleep lol

-Maybe I'm the only who farts and tells. Lol!

I can't wait to see your replies this will be fun so have at it if you want ^_^

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Hmm, this is a neat idea :) This is a fun little way introduce more about yourself, and who you are.

- I'm probably not the only one who has a strict regime to stick to for my bedtime routine, otherwise I cannot relax.

- I'm probably not the only one with the burning desire to run to Dairy Queen every time I see one of their blizzards advertised on TV.

- I'm probably not the only one who feels excited all day about what I'm making for supper.

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LOL the 1st too are meee omg I alwayd have midnight snacks and regret it! And I just had a chocolate extreme birthday cake! Oh and yeah I think it is a good way to introduce ourselves especially if you are stressed and want a good laugh!

-I'm not the only one who puts off working out until the next day.... and when the next day I put it off again.

-I'm not the only one who draws to express emotion or just for fun.

-I'm not the only one who smiles during the day even though I was crying all night

-I'm not the only one who wants to just escape to a little patch of heaven every now and again.

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I love this topic idea awesome thread idea Doe

-I'm probably not the only one who says I'm fine during the middle of a panic attack

-I'm not the only one that can cry for hours and then smile

-I'm probably not the only one who forgets where I put my keys on a regular basis

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this is great! And my best friend rubs her feet together falling asleep, we used to ask her if she was swimming in her mind. sometimes on bad nights when she isn't around I do it to comfort myself, pretending she is cuddling with me to make me feel better...

- I am not the only one who fills out a calender and then never looks at it

- I might be the only one who sleeps in the buff to reclaim my space as a safe place

- I am not the only one who simultaneously wants to tell everyone what happened to me, and keep it a secret from even the closest people.

- I am probably not the only one who gets all dressed up for a party, then forgets to put on makeup and ends up rocking "au natural" beauty.

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