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People Who Are Banned

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Just a question on people who are banned.

Is that a permanent thing if someone gets banned?

If so, is there a way to delete them?

I found someone who was banned, a fairly new member.

I came upon it and was kinda triggered.

If I was new in my healing, I would not have taken that very well.

Any insight or comments on that?


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good question, Foundy. i wish i had an answer for you...

sorry that this happened. hugs

Hugs to you too.

I just felt creeped out.

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I think that if you "Ignore" them you won't see their posts or threads.


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I know that they aren't deleted, but if you do see them logged on they can only view what the public can see.

Thank you.

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I just think what is the point in keeping their accounts when they have been banned.

I would feel MUCH safer knowing that there aren't any.

I have done a lot of healing and this triggered me.

Just think of the ones that are new to their journey, how fragile they are.

I would want someone to speak up for me if I need it.

At any rate, I appreciate the ones who cared enough to respond.


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You're very right, there are two sides to the pancake on this one for sure, Found. There are cases in which if a member is complained about enough/too triggering for others, or comes across as threatening in any way... Whatever it may be, I'm sure it's taken with great, great consideration from mods before banning said person from AS. The other side of this pancake is this new member, new on their healing journey, blocked, and who knows how that affects said individual? Your response and thoughts towards this show a great amount of compassion towards those who are seeking. No answer for you here on this, as individuals we are so uniquely different from each other, that different rules of the world, rules of AS, rules of the workplace, anything at all, will affects us all differently; some affected, some not at all... If that makes sense.

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I'm not an admin or mod but I was thinking if they did delete the member completely. .. they may be able to sign up again using their email since it won't be in the system anymore.

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It is important administrator keep this account for know why this person is ban. For having their email. For having their IP. If delete account they are lose these record.

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I think that deleting a banned account isn't the thing to do. We have to remember that we are on a forum where anything can be triggering to someone and perfectly harmless to someone else. Many of the people who have been banned in the past, (not all but many), have had posts that were helpful to others and if we deleted all their posts we would lose that too. Many threads would not make sense if we delete the content that they contributed.

I think just having the "Banned" avatar should be enough warning that there could be triggering content in what was posted. After all,they have been banned for a reason.

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Moderator remove post banned person make that is against rule. Only post staying is not break rule so is not problem.

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