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New To My Pain

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Hello my name is Kelly I am not a new member but I am new to posting. I finally got the courage to do so. I'm on the slow road to recovery and healing and need a little push i guess.cant wait to start feeling good about myself and to get rid of the hurt and pain that I always thought I did to myself. I'm thankful to have found AS to help the push.

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Hello there Kelly. Welcome to posting!

Every step you make towards healing brings you closer to the eventual loss of guilt that many survivors, like myself, have suffered from. Healing will flow in it's own time and like the farmers who prayed for rain let's be like the ones who went and got their fields ready for it in faith that it would come.

We have survived and now let's make it our goal to thrive!

I'm here for you Kelly. Join me in making the best of 2014 for our healing!

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You are very brave to take this step to posting, it can be incredibly scary to do so but you have done it and that is very awesome of you. Here supporting you!


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Hi blisterinthesun,

welcome to After Silence, my name is Paula and I am one of the Newbie Support team here, I hope you are finding your way around the board okay, if you have any questions, please contact me and I will do my best to help

take care, Paula

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Welcome to AS... It is a long road, but we are all here on that journey together. You've found a great place for support. Glad to see you here!


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Hi there.

Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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