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May I Ask A Silly Question?

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Hi all,

Just wondered if there any plans to fix the chat room?? I for one am really missing it and wondered what the situation was with the chat room. Sorry if this topic has already been covered and I have missed it.

Wishing you all well.

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I very much miss chat as well. I'm hoping someone will fix it soon and it hasn't been forgotten about...any chance it can be fixed soon? Anyone looking into this?


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it takes the Admins to sort out chat and at present they seem to have some sort of difficulty coming to the forums. I think we just have to wait and hope they manage to overcome the difficulties, don't forget they're people too with their own lives to deal with.

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Are there even any moderators coming to AS anymore? It seems to be like they have just disappeared. I totally understand everyone having their own lives and having their own issues. But are ALL of them having issues, at the same time? Just don't seem to EVER see ANY moderators (or administrators) anymore. Just curious, are we on our own? Have they washed their hands, of the board? Do they need others, to take over? Sorry for all the questions, just really curious.


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We have sent many emails to the admins but have received no response. I am really sorry but there's nothing else we can do. :(

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Thank you Rose. I'm sorry I know it must frustrate you just as much as us. It was sad reading that. What if After Silence site suddenly went down? We'd all be disconnected from our support group well at least my support group. I hope the admins check their emails soon. Thank you so much for the update ((((Rose))))

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It understandble that they don't come on here anymore,when you've reached a stage of healing it's just not healthy to be visiting here all the time but this place is bigger than any one person now,it gives so much support to so many people and in many ways is a lifeline,I know it has been for me in my times of need.

I don't blame anyone but I do hope that for the sake of AS which I love so dearly that someone does make contact soon :crossfingers::doctor::loveas::flowers:

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Sorry to keep going on, but does anyone know if there is any news on the Chatroom, I really do miss it and the support of all the kind people here.

Take care


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The admins are aware of the problem with the chatroom and are working to fix it soon. Maybe we will have it back this week? I am really not sure when, but it should be soon!

Rose xxx

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