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Needing Info On How To Find Something On The Board

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I joined around 2005 or so. Somewhere in there.

Me and another person name Ken who was a secondary survivor and i talk on the main board in secondary survivor section. We had a long conversation on the main board. and it was put in the pinned section after a certain amount of time. The pinned section was called hot topic at that time.

I cant find it anymore. It used to be on there. What happen to it?

Did Aftersilence delete alot of posts after they reformatted the site?


I cant find it under my name and cant find it under my other ID.

I dont think I change my ID

I came on when brobbitt was on here. IF anyone remembers him


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Hi Judith,

a lot of posts got lost from the forum crash before the forums moved here. Everyone lost posts, some of the newer people (been here about a year) lost almost all of theirs so it looked as if they were new people with just a few starter posts. There were those that had to rejoin AS.

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