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How Do I Delete My Account?

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Sorry to hear you need to be away from After Silence, but I am glad you are looking out for your safety.

I don't think you can delete your account on your own. You may have to PM an administrator for some assistance in doing that.

I hope you find the safety you need and the healing you deserve. Goodbye Kodi, God bless and keep you.

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It's not that anyone said anything. I just keep accidentally triggering myself by thinking that I can handle some posts when I really can't, that's all. It's simply prudence on my own part, since I know I will continue to read things that will set me off and make things just that much more difficult for myself. I just need to be apart from the site so that I can stop accidentally causing myself more harm.

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You make complete sense kodi. You don't need to excuse yourself. I've been in and out of support groups. When it got to triggering I stopped. We have to heal in our own pace. If we don't want to remember something at the moment, we don't need to. Don't feel bad! there's no right or wrong with how we cope. I wish you all the best. Take care!!!!

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If you are want ever come back is better ask moderator make account inactive. If delete then all of post and name will be gone. Or can only say you are taking break and come back when you are wanting. Or not at all~ Is your choice.

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Kodi I'm sorry I misunderstood you and if I caused any kind of negative I apologize. I totally understand what you're saying. It's a very awesome reason for leaving and I'm glad you're looking out for yourself!

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