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Defining Membership

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I've noticed that some new members have had trouble describing themselves as male/female/lgbt and secondary survivors That means some survivor forums aren't accessible to them. Is there a way to make the distinctions clearer for those who are new to AS?

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This has been brought up with the admins of the website and when joining, the host program can only differentiate between male or female, if someone is in a situation other wise (non gender specific) they can PM a moderator or admin and we can provide access to forums they may not have automatic access too. This is maybe something that may change in the future, but for now- this is the solution we have. :)

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If I am notice person posting as man or woman and profile say different I send them PM say if they are make mistake they can ask moderator for fix. But is strange situation. Some time person do not notice at all. And some time I worry I am wrong and do not want person feel insult~ But part that is start be confusing is many person do not feel body gender and mind gender is same thing. That is fine. But experience as body in rape is very different. I am not comfortable have person in man section that have woman body. It is my feeling when I am join that man and woman section are because rape is very different with different body. Now there is transgender part forum but seem one person can choose two place going and reading no matter what body experience they have.

I know most person here do not feel same with me and maybe is not in same topic~ Is only thing always in mind for me when these thing happen.

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Hi Samii,

I suppose pms will work. I am noticing more new members that are male and don't know that they are listed as female. It's happened before where I've seen the odd one at a time its just that its in groups now.

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