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Here's one for males victimes wile they were kids. I know how hard it is for males in Montreal to get a place for help, so here's one.


Centre de Ressources et d'Intervention Pour Hommes Abusés Sexuellement dans leur Enfance

Téléphone : 514 529-5567
Télécopieur : 514 529-0571

Montréal, QC, H2P 2J9

You also can go in a CLSC to get help about it.

If I found some places for both sexes, I'll come and post here.

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This is taken from a pamphlet from the government of Quebec:

Referrals to all assistance and protection resources. Toll free, 24/7, anywhere in Quebec

1-888-933-9007 (Elsewhere in Quebec)

514-933-9007 (Montreal Area)

CAVAC - Crime Victims Assistance Center

They provide free and confidential assistance and guidance services to anyone who has been the victim of a crime committed in Quebec, their loved ones, and witnesses of a criminal act.



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