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Hey There!

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Hey there everyone,

It's been a loooonngg time since I've been on here. It's been actrually.. Almost 7 years ago for my last post. A lot has happened since then.. I'm 24 now.. I've had a sweet 3 year old baby girl.. Married my highschool sweetheart. In other words we went to rival highschools. Lol. And... I feel like I'm back to the same place I started.. So I'm back here trying to move past that door that's been closed for so long.. It keeps swinging back open. I'm here to support and be here for our survivors as much as I can and teach what I've learned for the years I've grown up. What helps to cope.. If anyone needs to talk I'm here.:-) even though doors have opened back up a bit for myself. I think it's my way of teaching others so maybe I can learn from my own advice! Haha! It's been a while y'all.. As I say.. We are sent on the path we've walked to become the strong person we were ment to be. Thanks y'all!! And hey there!!!

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Welcome back! I'm new.. ish. I've only been around since September. :) Congrats on marriage and kiddo. I have a 3yo too. Such a lovely age. Thank you for your offer :)

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Welcome back, cat! I too married my high school sweetheart. We don't have any kids yet. We are waiting until we get out of college. I would be interested in hearing what you have learned, who knows it might just help us both. Take care!

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Hey cat, welcome back. I am newish iv been around for about a year and a half. Im interested to here what you have learnt over the years. Hope you too find support here!!


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Hey Cat, welcome back.

I've been here for less than a year. I appreciate your perspective on strength, and how we can use difficulties to create the strong people we can truly become. At the end of the day, evil does not win. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit more.

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Hello Cat,

Welcome back to After Silence.

I've been here a month and a half about and when I read you haven't been on here for seven years it was mind boggling lol. I am so glad you are willing to share what you have learned and I am looking forward to hearing it. Congratulations on your marriage and your child.

Thanks for taking the time and also for being willing to share how you have made the journey so far. Thank You Cat.

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It's no problem at all.:-) I posted just small bit of what I learned in the help tips and inspiration board.:-) it took me a while to start writing it.. I felt like there is so much to cover. But it's a start. Lol. I still will say I have a lot to learn, but I think apart of it is helping others along the way too. And I realize how.. Though the bad times.. The people who showed me the same thing I want to do now.. Opened my eyes to things I had no idea could be possible.and thank y'all. Again

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Hello, and welcome back to After Silence

My name is Paula, one of the newbie support team here, its good to have you back with us. If you need any help with the board, please let me know,

take care, Paula

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Hi there.
Welcome to AS.

I hope you find this site to be helpful.


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