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Seriously Nervous

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Erm.... Hi

My name is Allie, i'm 19, and m,y abuse is still happening. I live with my boyfriend and his best friend, and the best friend is the abuser. I'm scared to tell anyone, and althoguh I want to get out of this, I know my bf would not beleive, simple cos he trusts his friend so much. I just need somewhere where I can come to escape, albeit it briefly :)


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Hi Allie! Welcome to AS! I'm sorry you're still dealing with abuse. You don't need it and should really talk to someone about getting out of that situation!


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Welcome Allie, :)

Sorry to hear your still in a abusive situation. Im glad you decided to find some support and i really hope you will get it here.. (im sure you will, cuz i found the people here very supportive). What a horrible situation it is to feel your boyfriend won't support you if you tell him. I hope that in time you'll find a way to get out of that situation!

Please keep posting, we are here to listen.




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welcome to AS Allie :bighug:


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First I just want to say how sorry I am that you are still going through it to this day.

I am here for you sweetie if you ever need to talk



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welcome allie! :hug:

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