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Hello, I'm Sarah I'm from new Hampshire. Just over a year ago, I was sexually assaulted by my best friends older brother, I would talk to him while I was at my friends like normal human beings until one night everything changed. I was diagnosed with PTSD, I have opened up and told my story but no one believed me and people still don't believe me I guess I'm just looking for some understanding and maybe for someone to help me find a reason why

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Hi sarah

I also became pregnant after being raped by my exhusband. I also decided to have her because i do not believe in abortion. I also have sole custody. It was really scary to confront him in court. It has been very difficult to raise her. I still have not recovered from the trauma and some days are more challenging than others. I hope to find support and understanding from others here that have gone thru similar situations. I dont have the support from my family members and only 2 friends know but live in another city . I hope the best for you

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Thank you so much for your response, it often feels like Im the only one going through this like no one else understands so to see that there is at least one other person that can relate is amazing, I only have support from my big brother and one of my friends so I really appreciate that you took the time to respond to my post :) I hope you are doing well

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Short on words, but just wanted to tell you I am proud of you for speaking out. Also, you own beliefs are fine and you are not judged here. I am so sorry for what's happened to you to bring you to a place such as this, but I pray that you find it as supportive and healing as I have. You are cared about and heard and believed. Welcome to After Silence. Blessings. Safe :hug: if ok.

Much love and support, your friend, Chantel~

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Hi! I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by my father as well as one of my brothers. My syblings and I were beat with belts, switches, straps, shoes and hands mostly by my mother. My father physically fought with several of my brothers to the point that there were holes in the walls, police called and blood spilled on the floor. I was (still am) over weight and was picked on, teased, hit, put down, and told I was ugly by most of my syblings for the majority of my life. I was pretty much a loaner and stopped my emotions and told my self that things could be worse. I graduated from HS at 17 and moved out immediately there after. 3 years after that I left the state. 5 years later, I married a verbally abusive man. Then I was diagnosed with Lupus and breast cancer in both of my breast. The verbal abuse escalated. And so presently I am on anxiety and depression medications. I am seeing a psychologist so that I can figure out how to leave him and get in touch with Myself (hence the name Memememe). My psychologist suggested that I join a local support group. I looked in my area and could not find one that I felt addressed my issues. My psychologist said that this is a defense mechanism that I have developed. I have shut off my feelings. I cant cry, i feel sorry for those who have abused me, I dont feel that I am deserving of things. I am a perfect target for abuse. So I searched and found After Silence. I want to be better and I feel that joining this group is a good beginning. Thank you all for your support.

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Hi Sarahh, I'm sorry that that felon committed those crimes against you, but I'm glad you have had the courage to stand up against him and also to raise your daughter. Also, I'm glad you have found AS and I hope you can find some of the kind support you deserve here with us.


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Hi Sarah

welcome to After Silence, My name is Paula and I am one of the Newbie support team here. I hope you are finding your way around the board okay,. if you need any help please let me know

take care, Paula

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You're welcome.

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