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Why No Thumbs-Up Or Equivalent Feature?

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Just wondering why there's no thumbs-up type of feature on After Silence? A lot of forums will have a feature like a thumbs-up which will allow you to thank a particular poster for their helpful post. The individual users collect these thumbs up's and get some title displayed under their avatar as an award for achieving a higher score. It's a way to help encourage and recognize good behavior in the forum environment. In After Silence if you write a crappy post you get nothing and if you write something helpful... you still get nothing.

Is this by design and for some specific reason?

Thanks for your time and attention

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yea, i don't really see the point of it either...and also, it seems kinda patronizing....like, I am 30 years old, I don't want a reward chart for good behavior. I have seen it on other forums, i just don't "get it"

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i have to agree with Samii and Sonnnet. The thumbs up feature is a popularity contest to incourage posters on a social network or forums to post the best post. It's not about gaining brownie points for good behaviour. I've never paid attention to that sort of thing.

This site is a community support board which aims to allow members to break their silence. It's sort of self help therapy and mutual support. It allows us to say as little or as much as we are able in any manner in accordance to the forums' guidlines. It is not a social forum. There are no contests. We all agree to abide by the rules when we join, if we break those rules then we will be asked to leave. That's all the behavioural management needed.

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:agree2: this forum is all about healing and mutual support nothing else is needed

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