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Pleased To Meet You All!

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Hello, new here!

Hoping for some guidance. A few years ago I told a couple of my friends about what my sister's (now ex) boyfriend did to me when I about 8 years old (I'm 18 now) but they just shrugged it off like it didn't matter. I don't trust my family enough to talk to them about it. I have since found a lovely guy of my own but I now I feel dirty knowing I've had sex with 2 guys. He stole something important from me, and I'm considering having a hymenoplasty, and saving sex for our honeymoon. A second attempt to get it right, and have a fresh start. I want to be healed emotionally and was hoping to receive some advice from people who understand, is there any action I can take? I know who he is. Thank you

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Hi Teagan,

In terms of action you can take, do you mean emotionally or against him? Emotionally, well I have counselling and that is generally a good starting place. It's a long process, and there's not set time on the healing, but at least you'd be working towards it. In terms of against him personally, well if you know who he is, that's a good start. You could go to the police. But if you decide of counselling, then you can always discuss the pro's and con's of this with them, not to mention there are specific forums on AS where you can talk about such things further, and probably get far more and better responses.

I really just wanted to say Welcome to AS, and I didn't want to leave your post unanswered. But do check out the other forums as this would be much better positioned on one of them.

Take gentle care,

Forest x

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I'm sorry you have to be here and for what he did to you. Please know that you are not dirty and you can heal. I hope you find the support and guidance you need. :notalone:

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