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Day 2 With My Rapist


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I dont know if I can type the hell of a day ive had im torn between writing it down and just keeping it inside. Guilty is one word id put. But the question is was it rape if I just stopped fighting?

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I can't believe it I stuck with my grandma and I thought he had left went to make lunch and he was there. I tried to fight honestly I did but with a punch I knew he wasnt messing around so I stopped fighting gave in let him do what he wanted then when he had finished he said see I knew that you enjoyed it not much of a fight this time maybe next time you wont fight at all. :(

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Oh hun im so sorry. Please know that we are all here for you though this, you are not alone!! Sitting with you hun, please be gentle with yourself!! Reach out as much as you need, we are here, we are listening!!! ((((((((((((((((((((((alone))))))))))))))))))


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You are not stupid, not at all and you knew what he was capable of, you did all you could to stay safe, it is not your fault at all, you did your best to prevent being alone with him, please don't blame yourself.

You did not give in to him because you wanted to, it sounds like it was the only option you had to lessen the harm he would do to you.

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Also as jane said reach out as much as you feel you need to, even if it takes hundreds of posts, please know we are here for you and will listen to you and support you all we can.

:console: if ok and more :bighug: for you.

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I feel so stupid I shouldnt of fought I should of known better I just dont know what to do.

You are not stupid hun!!! You were being hurt in such an awfully way. Please know that we are all here for you!! Always, we are here for you and will listen for as long as you need. Im so so sorry your dealing with all this!!! (((hugs)))


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hugs and support!

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