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your not on your own at all we are all here to help each other

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HI Bernadette,

welcome to After Silence, I'm Paula, one of the newbie support team here. I hope you are finding your way around the board okay, if you need any help please contact me,

take care, Paula :hi:

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blessings to you


i am also very new here, my first post in fact, but i wanted my first post to be reaching out to someone else and telling them - you are not alone - because it is exactly why i came here.

i have heard from many others that it gets better, it gets easier, the pain will transform into a strength, and i believe it for us both :) and for all of us.

i support and honor you for taking steps toward your healing! good for you! i'm cheering you on!

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Thank you all it is such a relief to know i am not alone thank you all for your support, my story is a horrible one, i was raped in the bathroom of a disco by a guy and his friend, my screams didnt help me my kicks thumps didnt either but me against two horrible vile men, what could i do i have never been hurt so much in my life to make it worse i will always have a reminder of that night, my precious little girl was born because of one of those men dont get me wrong i love her with all my heart she is my world i know i would have taken my own life because of my rape only for her, i will never be able to forget that night pinned to the floor my clothes ripped off my glasses broken the screams the pain the hurt the look on their faces as the had so much fun laughing covering my mouth holding me down smashing me of the wall the door and worst of all the toilet that hurt me so much i was left battered bruised broken bleeding and pregnant on a bathroom floor alone dazed and crying they both had their fun!! What did i do to deserve this happen to me i was always a good girl, two of them,hurt me no two of them raped me i will never trust a man ever again even after 10 years its still so clear in my mind the disco the rape the guards the hospital the looks of pity on me i dont think i will ever recover from it ever!! But i have my little girl who will never know who her daddy was because i will never tell her that her daddy was a rapist thats as much of my story i can tell so heres some advice for ye out there reading this. Rape hurts not just as it happens but always will all we as survivours can do it learn to live with it knowing it is not our fault we didnt cause it to happen and to trust in god that they will all be caught and justice will be done to each and everyone of them thanks for reading my story i hope i havent brought back sad memories for any of ye and i hope ye can share yer stories with me too after all we are all surviours

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