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Back After Years Away

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I first joined AfterSilence more than 5.5 years ago and it was a cruicial resource to dealing with trauma. After a very recent trauma I felt like it could be helpful to come back. I'm very sad to see that due to a server crash only about ten of my over 1000 posts remain- all that documentation of past healing is gone. I feel like my life is falling apart and not sure how to get through this. All I know is its crucial to have people who I don't know personally to be able to talk with. Can't believe I'm at the start of this process again. So many emotions- will post more elsewhere.

Looking forward to perhaps running into members I used to know and meeting new members.


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Hi! I am new here you welcomed me here which I thought was nice.I wanted to welcome you back.Sorry to hear you lost alot of your posts.Maybe everyone here can help you get through this tough time.I already posted a few and just getting it off my chest feels a little better.

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Welcome back to the forums. I am new here myself and have found that although it is sad to have experienced trauma it's also helpful knowing that I am not alone. I'm sorry to hear about your recent difficulties but just keep in mind that if you were able to get so far in your healing once you can certainly do it again (and probably even better this time around).

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Hi Crescendo,

welcome back to AS<. I do remember you , I don't know if you remember me or not. I'm now one of the Newbie Support team here., so I;m here if you need any help with the new board. I lost a lot of my old posts too and it is very frustrating I know. I'm sorry to hear you've suffered a new trauma, I hope being back here with us will help you,

take care, Paula :hi:

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Hello again <3 I remember you. I come back around the time of my anniversary each year because it's a bit rough for me. This is 5 years. I'm sorry you lost your posts. :-( And I'm really sorry to hear that you're hurting now. I hope we can help.

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Welcome back.

I remember you.

Do you remember me?


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