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Questions About The Blogs

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I'm new to AS, and I've also never had any experience with blogs.

I'm pretty sure that they are just online journals, but I wanted to be sure.

I also didn't know if the ones here on AS had a different purpose? (Other than writing about the obvious reason we are all here)

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That sounds about right. You can use it for anything. Just keep in mind that a Journal is more of a private thing sometimes (like a diary). So when writing an entry (which can be about and for anything you want - for instance, I use mine to post poetry I've written), just keep in mind that if you want an entry to be more private, you need to change the privacy settings for it.

If you want to change it after you've created an entry:

You can do that by going to "Manage blogs"

Click on "Options" next to the name of the blog

Select "Manage settings" from the drop down menu

And then select your Blog view permissions. There are 4 settings for privacy:

Public (Everyone can view)

Friends only (Only my friends can view)

Private club (Only the people I choose can view)

Private (Only I can view)

If you want to edit privacy BEFORE you write an entry, you can do that during setup of your blog.
It will take you through 3 steps to create a blog.
The last step is the same Settings page as mentioned above, so just choose your privacy settings there :)

And remember, you can always change your privacy settings at any time.

Welcome to AS
Happy Blogging :)

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Ah, thank you very much Shortcake! I'm excited to try it out :)

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