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Before AS went down a while back, I had requested this thread be pinned for easier access to members, as it appeared many members were finding it increasingly helpful. And it was pinned.
And then AS was bitten by a black widow spider or something and like...died for a few weeks.
And then AS was revived (thank you admins and mods and all), but not everything was able to be revived.

Including that the pinning process went back in time :wacko:

But it's still proving to be insanely helpful to members who read it. And I will continue to bump it up so it's easily accessible, unless one of you angels (aka Mods/Admin) would like to re-pin it? Pretty please? :P

Link to thread in question: http://www.aftersilence.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=96084




There is another thread that seems to be helpful that also got lost after AS went down. It wasn't pinned before, but maybe it could be as well? (I just think they are useful and helpful tools for members to read)


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Happy to ---- if I can just find the right button to press :P

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