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Found 56 results

  1. Hi peoples,I was looking for resources with my friend and stumbled across After Silence. I won’t go into details but on June 30th,2019, I was R by a stranger. I am having a very difficult time coping and finding people who understand what I’m going through. I really would like to hear others stories and really find a community to where I can get support. Look forward to getting to know all of you ^_^
  2. Hello...this is my first time posting in AS. I'm having a hard time dealing with trauma from an assault a couple years ago. I came to this site because I feel pretty alone. I don't have anyone to talk to about this, and I'm hoping that by talking with you all I can learn to handle my trauma a little better than I am now. Thanks for listening...
  3. Hello, I am new here. My therapist wanted me to join a support group, I think she had person to person support group in mind. However, when I found this site I just knew this is what I needed. It has taken me over 30 years to finally step up and ask for help. I look forward to this journey of healing among peers who understand. One of my favorite quotes "Healing comes when we CHOOSE to walk away from darkness and move toward a Brighter Light" (Dieter Uchtdorf)
  4. Just wanted to say hello. I am new and trying to navigate my way around here. I am a 45 year old survivor of csa. Desperately looking for support from others who have been there and understand. I am confused by where to post what and also there seems to be alot of really old posts on here so i'm trying to find the more current posts. Also, are these posts all public or private to the group only? Any advice on finding my way around here? Thanks😊
  5. K-anon


    Hi all. I’m new. It’s my first time really entering this realm of people since I’m not very good at accepting what happened. Lately though things have been rough. My boyfriend has admitted it’s too much for him when I have those nights of breakdown remember that horrible moment. The one person I thought understood and was there to comfortable me is no longer there and I can’t bottle it up again because the bottle was already opened. Now I’m stuck in my own madness feeling alone, scarred, disgusted, and tired of living. -K-anon
  6. So, I'm not really sure how to go about this.. I have some issues, after being put through alot, like most people here, and I've come to this website because.. Well, I need to talk about it, I guess, and because I want to help others heal
  7. Hi everyone, I'm a bit new to this site. My thoughts have been bugging since this past weeks and become stressed, really anxious and depressed as well. I decided to join this site when someone recommended to me. And hopefully I'll get some extra help that are really helpful.
  8. Hello folks. I’m Alexander, 32, from Virginia. I am a survivor, but having a lot of trouble thriving as of late. I was directed here by a crisis text line after having a nightmare about past abuse. I would get further into what has happened in the past, as well as my story, but I don’t want to trigger anyone. I’m glad to be here, and hoping to receive the kind of support I’ve been looking for.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hello. I don't know if I'm ready to share what happened to me (in correct area of course), but I hope this forum will help me to confront what happened. I also feel like this is a sort of support group, which is good for those of us who suffer from anxiety or similar, and have trouble talking about these things. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hello everyone, I'm Rain. I'm currently battling PTSD from my sexual assault, which occurred September 27th. I went to the police and reported the man who did it, and it's been a Hellish battle with the courts. He said he does not want to serve jail time, so it looks like we may end up going to trial. He has until July 27th to accept the plea bargain, which is 60 days in jail, or we go to trial in August. I feel betrayed, since it was my best friend's boyfriend... and she chose his side. Her whole family chose HIS side. Even her brother, who was also my best friend. I'm hurt. I'm angry. I'm attending therapy and trying to get my life back in order, but it is not easy. I've somehow landed a boyfriend after this incident and it has been a little bit rocky because I tend to lash out, get defensive and get upset. It's like I'm always on edge and need to pick fights over everything. And then there's my self esteem. I feel low, like dirt. I feel ugly. I've been spending money a lot to try and make myself feel better. I just want him in jail. I want everyone to see him for the monster that he is. It's hard because there was no physical evidence, and so, the police can only charge him with simple assault. I sometimes feel like there's winning... but I'm trying to have hope. I can't give up.
  11. Hey, I'm Sid, I just turned 21, I live some place very cold. My favorite things to do are watching Youtube for hours on end while cuddling a stuffed elephant (doesn't have a name yet) and my kitten Anatastia! I'm constantly surrounded by soft and fuzzy things and I have coffee instead of blood in me! Please feel free to come say hi! -Sid
  12. charlie87


    Hello, This is my first post to any sort of support group. I'm not sure what I looking for but I know something has to change and I think support from others who have been there may help.
  13. Hi y'all! I'm a new member as of a few days ago and here I am to make my introductions! I am 20 and I use they/them/theirs pronouns. I'm a csa and sexual assault survivor struggling with anxiety and severe depression. I'm looking forward to finding support in this awesome-seeming community!
  14. Hello I'm new. I recently joined AS just last week. I joined because I wanted to be apart of a network of survivors. I won't say it here because this is public. However I will say that my past does not define me cause my past is not today. Anyway I have an interest in anime, art, music, and other nerdy interests like my little pony: friendship is magic and Disney. I am hoping to make some friends here. Sorry if this is vague but this being an intro post, wanted to keep it S general as possible. Thanks for letting me join this site.
  15. Hi guys, my name is sunshine and I'm new here. This whole experience is very fresh for me, I've only been a survivor for a few weeks now.
  16. Emmah645


    Hey guys, my name is Emmah and I'm a new survivor.
  17. Hi, Heres another "i'm new" message to add to the collection, but hi i'm new! I'm not completely sure how this sit works entirely but I was directed here by a crisis hotline. I've never blogged or used anything similar to this before so this is a new experience and in some way my last resort for help. I guess we'll see how this goes! Heres a portion of my favorite poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley that I'd love to share with you all and hopefully it speaks to you as well, "I am the daughter of Earth and Water, And the nursling of the Sky; I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores; I change, but I cannot die."
  18. Hey there everyone, my name is Nathan, and i'm a survivor, (so far) of sexual abuse by a male family friend. I have tried many times to do something about this, but i always get scared and run away to drugs and alcohol. Getting some counselling in a few weeks, so hopefully i can nip this in the bud. If anyone wants to chat or hear more of my story or whatever, i guess i'd be happy to oblige, although, i don;t talk about it very much. Just reaching out i guess, don't leave me hanging, or do, whatever. Peace and Love to you all. <3
  19. I'm so glad to find this site I'm hoping to be able to help others through my story and to be helped through others opening
  20. Hi everyone. I thought I'd come here to introduce myself. I'm Faith... I was attacked by a stranger almost 5 years ago, and somehow he still has control over my mind. I guess I've come to reach out for some support from people who genuinely know what it feels like to be hurt, rather than people who (no disrespect, and luckily for them), don't have any idea. Please be gentle with me... I tend to self destruct rather than asking for some help, so this is really a big deal for me. Thank you for reading this...
  21. Hi I am new to this... (the site and the talking about it) After years of not talking about it, after years of trying not to deal with it, and pretending everything was okay. I am trying... to deal with it.
  22. lillith98


    Hello everyone! I've been looking for a place like this for a while. where I could find people with similar stories and so I knew i wasn't alone. My name is Lillian, I'm 17. I'm looking to find peace, and hoping some of you can help me and I can help you in return.
  23. I've joined this site looking for help and answers. I was sexually assaulted about a year ago and I experienced PTSD symptoms the other day. I don't know what triggers me thinking about these things and thinking about it, it just happens sometimes. I think about it more and more and when I do I almost experience it again. I found myself clenching my fists and resisted hurting myself (which is a big step for me) I felt the pain all over again even though I've blocked this guys number and I have a loving boyfriend who is trying to help me through this. Sometimes I find I trigger myself on purpose just so I can try to let my pain out. Has anyone else experienced this?
  24. MeTooo

    I'm new

    I'm new. I'm a Capricorn and I like dogs.
  25. Hello. I am new here. . I have a strong fear of sharing the secret side of me, but it is slowly getting better. I am a mom. One I had at 12, due to my rapist. I have never meant her. She is 18 and I dream she one day finds me. This isn't possible because it was something called a black market adoption.
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