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  1. Wow Thanks Everyone! I'm overwhelmed to even try and discover where to begin with everything -- I don't know if I even should really be here -- It seems like everything is kind of spinning & I don't know what's normal or what's not normal with trying to deal with everything. Gosh, I feel like I'm sinking -- But sometimes I think, I've made it this far, I must be able to make it even further. Where does a person begin? Most of me just wants to run away & hide... DG
  2. Hi Everyone, My name will remain DancinGirl, I chose that name because one day I believe I will dance again & try to truly live...even after so many years since I was sa at age 11 & 12, I find myself just starting to try to deal with the aftermath & it is hard to face the reality of how it has really affected my life here at age 27 (yikes)... Anyway, I thought I would see what was up & perhaps try & make some sense of everything. DG
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