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  1. Hi and welcome I am sorry for what has happened to bring you here but glad you have found AS. You will definitely be supported here. Take all the time that you need and hope you start to feel at home on here soon enough. I am here for you and offer my support anytime you need someone to talk to or whatever. Look forward to hearing more from you Take care
  2. Hi and welcome sounds like you are a very strong person and kind and supportive. Your wife is lucky to have someone like you in her life. I hope you carry on healing together. I offer my support and am here if you need any help, I look forward to seeing you around. Take care of both of you
  3. Hi and welcome you sound like a strong person, I am glad to hear you are healing. I offer my support and am here for you if you need anything. Look forward to hearing more from you Take care
  4. Maxxi


    Hi and welcome sorry to hear you have had some bad experiences with other sites. I am sure you will feel much more at home at AS, everyone is so supportive. I am here for you if you need anyone. Hope things start to get better for you soon and I look forward to seeing you around. Take care of yourself
  5. Hi and welcome, i am sorry for what has brought you here but glad you are here now. You have every right to be here. Hope you start to feel better about things soon. I understand that people who haven't been through it themselves don't offer much support but you are definitely supported on here. I look forward to seeing you around. I offer my support. Ohh and I love your signature it is uplifting and made me smile so thanks for that. Take care
  6. Hi Well done for taking the first step. When it comes to telling friends I feel exactly the same way but it helps to be on here with people who understand what your going through. I offer my support and if you need anything I am here to help or try anyway. I look forward to hearing more from you. Take care of yourself
  7. Hi and welcome i'm the same when it comes to computers but I find this site is fairly easy to navigate around am sure you will get used to it soon enough. Take your time about posting your story there's no hurry. Everyone here will offer their support. I second Tuliptorn, i too will be your support soldier. Look forward to seeing you around Take care
  8. Thankyou all for the kind support.
  9. Hi sorry for what you went through it is awful to have happened at such a young age. I like you always hide my feelings so can sympathise although will be much more difficult for you doing it for so long but I know how easily stressed out you can get living like that. You certainly aren't alone here. Hope things start to get better for you take care
  10. Hi I am so sorry you are having such an awful time. If it is any consolation I felt the same way just after it happened the first time to me and it does start to get easier eventually with time. I hope you are in a safe place now and can start to recover. It will take a while but everyone here is here for you +can offer help. It probably is a good idea for you to go to a therapist it does help to speak to someone you don't know but will offer support face to face. Make sure you feel comfortable with them first though. Hope things start to improve for you soon and feel free to message me if y
  11. Maxxi


    Hi and welcome i am glad you have found AS i hope it helps you. So sorry for all you have been through especially at such a young age hope to hear more from you take care
  12. Maxxi

    Hi Im New

    hi welcome to AS take care
  13. I am so sorry for how you have been feeling for soo long must be awful but hope you can begin to heal and find the help you deserve take care
  14. Hi I am sure you will find your way around quickly and feel comfortable look forward to hearing from you take care
  15. Hi hope you find what your looking for i am sure you will feel comfortable soon enough here it is difficult to start off with hope to see you around take care
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