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    theme parks, escape rooms, Exvangelical stuff, LGBTQ+ issues, People of Color issues

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  1. Sehsun


    Welcome, zewa!! I'm so glad you were able to post! It does take a lot of courage to do something like that. I hope you feel welcome here - feel free to PM me anytime. - Iris
  2. Hi everyone, I found AS a while back and read the threads every once in a while, and then I finally registered as a member not too long ago. I am a survivor of CSA. I also struggled with depression and anorexia when I was in high school. 10 years after the abuse occurred, I was reading a letter in a teen magazine, and the girl who wrote the letter described her situation, and I thought that I could have written the letter myself. That's when I realized what happened to me 10 years ago. Now I could finally put a name to what happened to me. I was able to break the silence and tell a couple of other adults in my life about my situation. Since then, it has taken a while for me to heal, but I know I have come a long way. Telling someone was one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life - not an exaggeration. I felt like a huge burden was lifted off my back. One of the things I want throughout the rest of my life is help others who have been through what I have been through and support them in any way that I can. This is a great forum! - Iris
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