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  1. Hi welcome to A.S Hope u find the support your looking for
  2. [/font Hi cari Welcome to A.S
  3. marg Welcome to A.S u will find plenty of support here take care Xxxx danni
  4. welcome to A.S Xxx danni
  5. Welcome back Im happy for u that u have found your way back here but im sorry ur going threw a tough time
  6. Welcome hun... Its good your reaching out Here at A.S u will get loads of support Danni
  7. Welcome to A.S You will find all the support you need here Danni
  8. my ex use to say to me u wont f@ck me but u would f@ck your father Someone said to me once well its not as bad as being raped by a stranger
  9. welcome to A.S U will find all the support u need Danni
  10. welcome to A.S...... Hope i find all the support here u need Danni
  11. danni


    welcome to A.S u will find all the supprt and love i need here...its a really great palce to come to let your feelings out look forward to seeing u on the board tc danni xx
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