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  1. thank you for all your messages x
  2. Thank you all for your kind words......2 weeks now and coping.....not well but coping. Have had several really bad days........my r***st was very rough and I still have marks that people keep remarking on....ooh been in the wars dear!!!!.....God if they only knew.....I can't answer and end up turning / running away........my wrist is still in plaster and it is a constant reminder. Worst day was yesterday....I came on......and the blood took me straight back to that night.....jesus is this it for ever? l xx
  3. Hello all, I came here 2 years ago after a b/f sexually assaulted me but was never able to find the courage to post anything........on Friday night i was raped by a stranger in my own flat....and I am just wandering about unable to do anything or make decisions about anything....am hoping I can find the courage to post...guess this is a start?! lucy x
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