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  1. I didnt know that either. However, I did know to look at profiles to find gender but didnt know, M. Member, meant Male. It does seem a little odd that it doesnt say, F. Member for female as well. Oh well, Im sure there is a reason for this. :533:
  2. Hello, Welcome to AS, I hope you find some comfort with all these wonderful people here. Autumn
  3. Hello, Welcome to AS, a lot of nice and caring people here. Im still new myself and I already feel comfortable, I wish you the best in your healing process. Autumn
  4. Hello and welcome to AS, I am a new member here as well. I am already learnig a lot even though it hurts to read others stories. I just find some comfort knowing Im not alone and I hope you find it too. Autumn
  5. Autumn


    My counselor told me I will probably never know “WHY” and the men who do these things probably don’t even know themselves. I just find it odd that they call it an illness but there is no real medical or scientific reasoning to back up the doctor’s theory. If anyone knows of a site to give me some insight I would love to read up on it.
  6. Autumn


    I just got in from work about an hour ago and read ya"lls replys and it really meant a lot to me to have such a warm welcome. Thank You! To everyone! I look forward to reading more post and I hope to express more of my feelings like some of ya'll did.
  7. Autumn


    Hello, I would like to say Hi to everyone and that I’m glad I found this site. I hope to find some strength to deal with my past so I can help another family member with hers. I don’t know if I will ever know “WHY” but willing to try and make the following steps to either take it to court or find peace. Autumn
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