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    libraries of course! music, life, other people's passions, thinking broadly and deeply, alternatives, Unitarian Universalism, nature, road trips, adventures, my son, my partner, my Dad (RIP 8/18/07)

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  1. What are the options for our transgendered survivors/secondary survivors?
  2. This is a quick hello, I often waver between how much of my life is impacted or not based on my past experiences. Am I too sensitive? I'm fine most of the time. Seems that things lately have been intruding on my relationship and I came here to check things out. I'm also curious to know about the triggering stuff....obviously descriptions and etc can be very painful but I start thinking too much and wonder about me questioning if I'm too sensitive could trigger some folks who have been accused of being too sensitive...I don't know... Anyways, thanks for being here.
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