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  1. hey angelic!! Welcome to AS!! I am sorry for what you have to be here but glad you found this place!! feel free to pm me anytime!! = if ok?!? oui,mais
  2. oui,mais


    Welcome to AS!! I was also nervous when I first came here but everybody here is really nice!! please feel free to pm me anytime!! = if ok?? oui, mais
  3. hey!! Welcome to AS!! you really deserve to be here. I hope to see you around here in AS!!
  4. hey and welcome to AS!! I am glad you came here!!
  5. hey lucyloo!! welcome to AS!! I hope you find what you are looking for!! the people here are really great. take your time and pm me anytime!! take care = if ok??
  6. hey sarahkatherine!! Welcome to AS!! I am glad you came here!! i am sorry for the reasons for which you have to be here!! hope to see you around here!! = if ok?
  7. today I slept really long and then I took a bath and now I will go ice-skating and in the evening I'll go on a ball!!! so in the end of the day I can say that I have done a lot for me!!!
  8. hey!! thank you so much,...it really feels good to be welcome!!!
  9. oui,mais


    Hey everybody!! I hope you're all fine!! I'm glad to be here and I hope that I will get you all to know and I have the possibility to heal myself, even it is just a little bit!! well...i don't know what I could further write and I hope that you excuse my english!! bye
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